Spider Veins / Broken Capillaries / Cherry Angiomas / Port Wine Stains


This treatment is to rid or lessen vascular areas that you may have on the face or body. The Vascular laser light is absorbed by hemoglobin, a substance in the blood that gives it a red or purple color. This heats up the blood vessel enough for the vessel to be heat sealed or damaged. Over time the body reabsorbs these damaged vessels.

How long Does it Last?

You can have immediate results. Spider veins are associated with “feeder veins,” which are larger, underlying reticular veins. Because of this, it’s imperative to identify and treat these underlying causative veins to prevent them from recurring in the same location and may be referred to a vein specialist. Clusters of spider veins, especially around the ankles, can be a symptom of a deeper venous problem, so a complete venous examination is recommended.

What does it treat?

Vascular therapy treats leg spider veins and Telangiectasia (broken capillaries, facial veins that are less than 3mm in size. It also treats “Cherry Angiomas” and Nevus Flammeus “Port Wine Stains” on the face and body.

What to expect in my treatment?

The laser applied in “pulses” to the entire area. Cryogen cooling air is blown on the area during the treatment to minimize discomfort and prevent side effects. Depending on the extent of the veins, each treatment takes between 15-60 minutes.

Is there anything to avoid pre treatment?

Products such as aspirin or blood thinners can cause bruising and are encouraged to discontinue use 10 days prior if okay with your Dr.

Post Treatment Care:

The skin above the veins will have a reddish, cat-scratch appearance. This generally disappears over the next two days.

When we target larger veins, it is possible that a small amount of blood can “leak” out of the vessel before it is heal-sealed resulting in a bruise or discoloration of the skin. Bruises are temporary and resolve in 1-2 weeks. The risk increases if you take aspirin products or are on blood thinners. Because blood contains iron, it is possible for a brownish discoloration to result. This is usually temporary but can occasionally last for many months. We can also use photo rejuvenation treatments to fade the area.

Uncommonly, a skin wound such as superficial blisters and scabs can occur, which heal within 2 days to 14 days. Use of antibiotic ointment on a regular basis usually results in uneventful healing. There is a less then a 0.5% possibility of a skin wound leaving behind a scar.

How often Do you recommend?

Three to five sessions spaced about four to six weeks apart to clear your spider veins. However, some people are pre-disposed to having spider veins, so it is possible to develop new ones.

There is no cure for spider veins. Although treatment does not prevent the development of new spider veins, the removal of existing veins can dramatically improve the appearance of the affected area, providing a more youthful, healthy look and an even color pattern to the skin. Spider veins can be recurrent and thus, more treatments will be required in the future

What results can I expect?

You can expect to see a significant reduction on the vascular areas that were treated that are under 3mm.


If you are pregnant, take aspirin daily or other blood thinning medications, or have a medical condition that prevents your blood from clotting properly, you should not have this procedure.


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