A dermal filler is an injectable gel that smooths mild to moderate facial lines, enhances lips and aims to restore volume loss caused by aging.

How long Does it Last?
Results can last up to 6-18 months Most clients have touch-ups when they feel the effect is starting to diminish.. With repeated treatments the effects often last longer. If you choose not to have the treatment repeated the correction of the wrinkles and the enhanced lip effect will gradually become less noticeable until your skin looks like it did before the treatment.

What does it treat?
Fillers restore volume loss in the lower ⅔ of the face including the cheeks, around the mouth, and can be used to plump the lips.

What to expect in my treatment?
The dermal filler is gently injected into specific areas of your skin to reduce the depth of the skin crease. The Injector will customize the exact depth and number of injections to give you the most natural result. Different dermal fillers can be used in different areas of your face to produce the most effective result.

Is there anything to avoid pretreatment?
Two weeks before treatment please avoid any supplements or medication that thin your blood. Prescription medications like Plavix and Coumadin may make it more likely that you will bruise following treatment. Please avoid alcohol 24 hours prior to treatment due to its blood thinning properties. It is also advised to discontinue Retinol two days prior to treatment and to avoid any laser sessions to the affected area 1 week prior.

Post treatment care :
The procedure takes about 45 minutes and the results are immediately visible. Temporary stringing, throbbing, redness, and minor bruising is all to be expected. Bruising can last up to two weeks. Avoid exercise, direct sunlight, extreme cold, heat and any type of massage.

What results can I expect?
Volume restored in the lower ⅔ of the face.


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