Neurotoxins (Botox and Dysport) are a prescription product used to temporarily improve the look of moderate to severe forehead lines, crow’s feet lines, and frown lines between the eyebrows in adults. The product blocks the signal from the nerve to the muscles, which reduces muscle activity and temporarily inhibits contraction of the muscles that cause lines.

How long Does it Last?
Results may last up to 4 months. Please discuss a treatment schedule with your Injector to individualize a plan.

What does it treat?
It temporarily improves fine lines and wrinkles in a soft and natural looking way.

What to expect in my treatment?
The procedure involves multiple injections with a very thin needle into specific muscles. It generally takes less than 20 minutes.

Is there anything to avoid pretreatment?
2 weeks before treatment please avoid any supplements or medication that thin your blood. Prescription medications like Plavix and Coumadin may make it more likely that you will bruise following treatment. Please avoid alcohol 24 hours prior to treatment due to its blood thinning properties. It is also advised to discontinue Retinol two days prior to treatment and to avoid any laser sessions to the affected area 1 week prior.

Post Treatment Care:
Please avoid lying down and keep your head upright for 4-6 hours after injections. Do not exercise, sweat, or rub the affected area for 24 hours. Avoid massages, any type of facial massage, and any type of laser treatment for 1 week post treatment.

What results can I expect?
A temporary improvement in the look of moderate to severe lines.

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